Base Camps

The remote base camps

The base camps are a speciality in Oliver Fishing, a real MUST DO during your stay.

Developed and refined year by year, this camps take place on the most distant and remote islands.

This camps have 3 goals:

  • Avoid long boat ride and wasting time reaching the best fishing spots. More time, more fishing!
  • Acces to the best spots for pelagic fish and sedentary fish.
  • To immerse totaly on the wilderness of this magical islands

We will provide to all fishermen’s an individual tent and matress. Meals are taken in front of the sea. A quick fresh shower can be taken on the boats. Suzy accompanied us on the camps and take care of the special island hot meals and logistic.

Taking your aperitif with your friends under the palms in front of a pacific sunrise has no equal.

The camps are planned on a minimum of two nights (3 fishing days)

Montuosa base camp:

Montuosa is a remote and desert island, located 50 miles from Panama coastline. From a volcanic origin, the island is lined by pelagic drops, and hitted by strong pelagic currents.  This island on the middle of the sea attract baitfish and bonitos. Montuosa is home of huge pelagic fish, marlin, sailfish, and yellowfin tuna.  We also fish amberjacks, and snappers on popper and jig. It is one of the few places on in the world where we can mix trolling, popper, and jigging on the same day, with so good chances.

The Jicaron island Camp:

The Jicaron camp takes place in the very remote marine reserve of Coiba. Here only sport fishing is allowed on catch and release only. Jicaron island is home of all sedentary and migratory fishes, roosters, huge cuberas, amberjacks, sharks and tunas.

NOTE: Due to the really remote place, fuel and logistic, an extra of $200/person will be asked for the Jicaron camp.

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